Future Projects

With the help of our volunteers, we are looking forward to expanding our work within the Red Hook community.  Adding programs that help students in need and their families.

We are always looking for new ideas and projects, so please let us know your thoughts.


Future Projects include:

  • A Local Toys for Tots that targets both little kids and the older children (all the way to high school).  
  • Programs that involve the Police Department so as to help improve their image within the community.
  • Assist students in getting access to summer programs
  • Together with the school, develop ways to increase funding for special programs they have (such as trips, extracurricular activities) so that every kid has a chance to participate in those iife enhancing activities.
  • Work with more local restaurants and farms to try and bring more fresh foods to those families that need it most.
  • Create an internship program with local businesses so that high school children earn some money and develop a positive sense of self worth.
  • Bring together high school students and seniors in need.  Work with local community organizations and the Red Hook High School to support seniors in our community.