Backpack Program - The Backpack Program provides students and their families food for the weekend.  With funding provided by The Ascienzo Family Foundation, volunteers prepare non-perishable food in bags and deliver them to the families that have confidentially signed up for the program through the school.  

Volunteer opportunities include picking up food at the Kingston Food Bank, packing backpacks and delivering backpacks.  

Time required:  1-1.5 hours a week

Student Closet - The Student Closet is provided to students in the middle school and high school.  The closets, located in a private area but easily accessible to students, has basic living essentials.  From personal hygiene products to basic clothing items the closet has the essentials students need.  In addition, students are encouraged to request specific items such as shoes, button down shirts, haircuts, or whatever they may need.  Counselors, working with our volunteers, are encouraged to look for opportunities to assist.

Volunteer opportunities include coordinating with the school to ensure closet is stocked properly and making available items that might not be stocked.  Also, coordinating with our funding partner, The Red Hook Education Foundation.

Time required:  1-3 hours a month

Fresh Food Program - Our Fresh Food Program is a way to compliment the Backpack Program with fresh food contributions from the RHCSD and local merchants.  Many restaurant owners have excess food that they are happy to donate, and our job is to ensure that food gets to those who need it most.

Volunteer opportunities include coordinating with local merchants, picking up food, delivering to school.

Time required:  1-1.5 hours a week